Dear all,

we are so thankful for all of you who supported our cause throughout the years, massive THANK YOU! ❤ You have been the reason, along with a vision to put something meaningful out there, despite what all the haters have to say.

Today is the day where we are telling you all that we choose not to re-awaken the zine from its beauty sleep. It’s time for something different, something new, something else. Whatever that might be.

We wil see you on the other side,
and whoever wants to write to us, pls do 🙂 is still active.

To celebrate our goodbye, we put the remaining copies of the b/w reprints for MISS THE STARS FEST V into our BIGCARTEL STORE, where also 2 totes are still waiting for a new home.

Keep us in your hearts, in your heads and see you all every year at FLUFF FEST :*

Thanks for all the memories!