CW: sexual assault

Yet her early 20s in Hollywood were not easy. In the wake of the accusations against Harvey Weinstein, Blair spoke to Vanity Fairalongside Rachel McAdams about another big Hollywood figure, the director James Toback. She was told he wanted a meeting with her, but then, like Weinstein, he insisted the meeting be conducted in his hotel room, where he became manipulative, trying to convince her he could only fully coach her as an actor if he saw how she used her naked body, and then trying to block her from leaving the room until he ejaculated on her because he “needed his release”.

At the time Blair was estranged from her father after her parents’ divorce, and she says Toback said he could have him killed, because he worked with contract killers. She says Toback also threatened Blair’s own life. She was terrified and felt it was safer to go along with his sexual demands.

“I said recently that once I had said it, I let it go completely. But I didn’t let it go completely. I let go of the shame. And I was ashamed for being a part of it, like how could I not hit him over the head and run out of the room? But I could let that go when other women told their story to me. I thought, well, this was a natural reaction for that time.”