However, her experiences with the person who assaulted her hadn’t always been as cordial as her interactions with Prism. Her relationship with Charles “Zan” Christensen of Northwest Press had soured after he attempted to acquire Beyond and put it in the Northwest Press catalog.

“He was actively courting the book, through Sfé only and not me, even though we were in business together, and me and Sfé always shared emails regarding business. Unfortunately, the first and only offer we received was not one we felt comfortable with, and so we declined, but as soon as that exchange was over, I could tell something had changed,” Stotts stated honestly.

Stotts was further alerted to Christensen’s problematic tendencies when he reached out a year later asking Stotts to curate a Black comics anthology in which she’d have little to no creative, financial, or editorial control over.

“I wouldn’t be the editor of it, and the finances, distribution, and everything would be through them. He was just looking for ‘curation and creative direction.’ I responded to them saying, ‘Hey this sounds like a well intentioned project. Unfortunately, I’ll take a personal pass. My projects lined up for 2016-2017 are already set in stone and they’re geared towards showcasing minority and LGBTQ voices. Good luck facilitating a curator for your project.’ I sent that to everyone who was also CC’ed on the email. It was me being as nice as possible whilst saying, ‘Don’t ever send me this racist request again because it’s super rude,’” Stotts said, expanding on her appalled reaction.