Could you please introduce yourselves — cinco garotas + lambe-lambe + rua + joinville, what do those names mean?

Camila: I’m Camila Rosa, 28 years, designer/illustrator. I was born in Joinville/SC and I met Mariê in high school, so we’re friends since 2002. The Collective Chá was born in 2010 when Marie and Ana had the idea of start drawing and put it on the streets. So, after some weeks, Marie invited me to be part of the collective. Cinco garotas + lambe-lambe + rua + Joinville means that we’re five girls that do street art (wheatpaste drawings) and Joinville is the city that we had been living when the collective was born.

Ana: I’m Ana, 28 years old, copywriter. Although working with writing, I love drawing and expressing ideas through lambe-lambe. I was born in Jaraguá do Sul (Santa Catarina) and today I live in Curitiba (Paraná). Collective Chá a began with a sweet and sincere desire to color the streets and make dawn a space of ideas, thoughts, philosophies. And above all, it represents a moment among friends with many differences, similarities and love for urban art. It keeps us together.

Fernanda: My name is Fernanda, I`m 32 years old, I`m art/illustration director, I live in Joinville for 18 years and I consider it my hometown. Coletivo Chá already existed with Mariê, Ana e Camila before I joined it… At that time I already used to have interest in illustration and I fell in love when I first saw their works on the street. As we knew each other, I asked if I could take part of it, and nowadays we are still friends beyond street art, but this was what put us together.

Mariê: I’m Mariê, 28 years old, and I am a graffiti writer and also work with art in many surfaces. I think the girls have told enough about Coletivo Chá! lol (yes I’m the last one to answer this questions!)

If each of you would have to choose a color that represents them, which ones would they be?

Camila: I love so much pink and black, it’s impossible to choose one haha

Ana: Turquoise. For me, it’s a color that represents energy and strength.

Fernanda: My soul`s color is green, haha. But in my drawings it is not so present, I don`t know why… maybe cause I love many colors combinations, I would say I end up picking earthy tones, they match me.

Mariê: Pink, for sure.

What are the messages you want to transport with your artwork?

Camila: Currently, my main message is to strengthen women. I try to translate women in struggle from an alternative perspective: latin-american, militant, not fitting in mainstream beauty standards, etc. Sometimes, I like to illustrate some women with other things that I also believe, like veganism and straight-edge, for example.

Ana: Empathy, in every way. Animals, humans, relationships. I really hope that by passing through my drawings, people can put themselves in the shoes of others with less prejudice and misgivings. The drawings are invitations. An invitation to leave the comfort zone and realize that the pains of the other can also be yours.

Fernanda: I have always been a dreamer, and a very mystic person, that reflects a lot in my drawings. I love the kids universe, so my characters are always full of stories behind them. I believe my drawings are little doses of playfulness and love in people’s lives, for them to believe there`s a bright and positive side in this chaotic world.

Mariê: It really depends on what I`m living at the moment I’m producing, and actually I express my life through art. But the main themes I work with are feminism, veganism, astrology and cosmic stuff. Well, then now you get to know a little about me!

Streetart presents itself to many eyes, what do you love most about it?

Camila: For me, the most interesting in street art that is for all the people, it’s in the streets, anyone can see, can learn something from that, totally different from a museum, for example, that in many times you have to pay to feel that. Especially in Brazil, street-art it’s the most accessible and inclusive form of art!

Ana: What I love the most is freedom. Freedom to come and go, to occupy spaces, to reach people who, in many cases, would never be reached on the wall of a museum.

Fernanda: When I publish an illustration it`s like I`m sharing a little piece of myself and the street is like this, a part of every one who lives in the city. This is what I like the most; sharing my feelings and maybe causing a positive effect in who is watching it.

Mariê: This is something very special when it comes to street art! It`s really magic the fact that anybody can interact with it despite their social position/color/belief. Street art is democratic, is for everybody and takes part in the street environment.

You do streetart and many other ways of art, what do you like about the different mediums used?

Camila: The majority of us chose to be an artist/illustrator/designer, so we have to use many different mediums to work, depends on the job and I like so much these possibilities because you can choose the best way for every illustration and the work it will never be boring. For example, if I want to draw something with many details and fast, I choose to use the Adobe Illustrator instead of hand drawing.

Ana: For now, my drawings are all at hand. I love to take time out of my day to forget everything and put my feelings on paper.

Fernanda: I think every technique is a different evolvement and learning. Handpainting is a therapy for me, besides it gives me neck and hands pain, haha. It`s the mean I feel most authentic. And using Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop is great, it makes easier producing things after. Well, I like to intercalate and try to always learn a new way to do my art. 🙂

Mariê: I’m very bad at digital softwares, but I`m working to improve it, cause it gives me possibilities to spread my art faster and using digital tools I can make it more profitable (through putting my drawings in goods).

What are the most fun projects you all remember up until today?

Camila: I think that maybe when we travelled to another city (Bauru, Sao Paulo) to give a workshop for kids about drawing and street-art. It was amazing and the reception was so good! I also remember when we painted some barrel of oil and glued some drawings with wheatpaste on for a shop window of a clothing brand. We had many fun projects, we always have fun when we are together 🙂

Ana: There’s a lot of cool projects we’ve already had the chance to attend. All of them were always very light and fun. We once enrolled a project in SIMDEC and offered a lambe-lambe workshop in public schools. It was very nice.

Fernanda: The workshop in Bauru was cool cause we traveled all together, it was really cool, as Camila said. But I really liked making a panel of drawings for an architecture project in a very traditional bakery back here in Joinville/SC. Even nowadays people come and talk to us about it to compliment. And of course, all the workshops with kids are very funny, we always go home full of funny stories!

Mariê: When we are all together I feel genuine JOY. It’s doesn’t matter the circumstance! But yes, Bauru was very cool, and all the situations the girls mentioned above!

You also work with kids, right, tell us more about that!

Camila: We worked many times with kids, doing some drawing workshops and it was amazing! Kids are always very nice and easy to work, sometimes the problem is the parents hahaha. Because they create a big expectative and put a heavy pressure on the kids, for them to make the best drawing, to be the best and this is very sad to see.

Ana: Kids are the best. It’s always cool to work with them, especially because they’re so free and always let the imagination flow more easily.

Fernanda: My job as art director has always been targeted to kids… and our styles have much from this playful universe, because the colors and traces we use. So kids approach for enjoying it and having the freedom of painting and creating. It`s not easy to take care of them at the workshops (they have much energy hahaha), but their games and stories are very inspiring.

Mariê:  Kids are very cool to work with, they are pure, they get really involved in the activities we propose. For them everything is magic, and then it kinda make me feel like that too. So I really like the vibe they have and of course I have fun cause kids are just.. kids!

Camila Rosa

Fernanda Sponchiado

Ana Caroline Dams

Mariê Balbinot

Coletivo Chá



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