My name is Nolan and I run a benefit record label, HEAL Records.
A bunch of bands and I came together to release a cassette compilation called, COMPASSION Vol. 1 – A Benefit For Animal Sanctuaries. All profits from this release will be donated to select animal sanctuaries across the USA.
I’ve found xclusivx zine to be an excellent resource for news and other information, so I wanted to share this compilation with you all.
The bands on the compilation include:
Sect, Racetraitor, Safe & Sound, Wake of Humanity, xReignx, To Ashes, Reclaim, Bring Our Demise, Sendero, Great Reversals, Thetan, Lifegrab, Burst of Silence, xArsonx, and Forward to Eden.

The label also has benefit shirts available for Eco-Defense and Animal Liberation Political Prisoners and the North American Animal Liberation Press Office.
Hope you enjoy the compilation =]
Thanks! =]
-Nolan/HEAL Records
Say no more! Great beands, great cause, we’re in! ❤ I surely don’t have to introduce those bands to you, most of them are on our heavy rotation and we had the luck to either catch them life on tour this summer like Sendero and Safe & Sound or even interview them like Wake of Humanity, SECT XVX and Racetraitor. Check out all of those three interviews in our new print zine! To order one, write an email to us.

You can purchase the tape here.



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