And it is soooooo thick! ❤ 120 pages of our 150 copies have already reached most of our domestic subscribers, soon they will be in all international mailboxes, too. We are so happy about the inquiries on all channels to get in touch and having people in Russia or Argentina reach out to us. 🙂 you make this all worth it, thank you so much.

We are so happy with the layout and the content, everything came together so nicely and was worth the wait, the extra work and the delay of around two weeks into October. 🙂 thank you as well for being patient. Now the most rewarding part begins: your feedback is starting to pour in and you show us your mail days on instagram and facebook, making us extra-proud.

So all of you who missed the subscription to the zine(s), just hit us up and write us an email and we will send you one. As of today, we still have around 30 copies, so don’t wait up 😉





.lgbtqia+ activist

.intersectional feminist

.vegan 2009

.straight edge 1998