What does Riot Tea taste like?

Imagine a cup of tea full of sweaty sweat and salty tears of patriarchy in which you dip a powerful glittery tea bag that spreads its flavour of revenge, you also soak an intersectional cookie in it, it’s bring all the tastes. It is an empowerment tea, after drinking it, you feel like planning yourself a little trip on the street, throwing up the used glittery tea bags on the bigotry society.


How was the club born?

It’s all starting around those cups of tea. We were going to the same shows and after some time we realised that there were not so many things happening in the punk/hardcore scene against machism, also that not so many girls* (included queers&trans) were coming to punk/hardcore shows. We wanted to make a change, to motivated girls* to contribute to the scene, and just take more place in the white dominated male punk hardcore scene in Vienna.

We are influenced by the Riot Grrrl movement but more recently by all the bands and organisations coming from the U.S where girls* take place, create, scream, play music, organise events, write zines etc.


What do you do for fun and activism?

First of all, activism can be fun, and it is the fun side we decide to keep in it. At least for our collective. So when we organise shows like we did for Nachthexen, Snob and La Sabotage last july, we also released our zine, brought cakes and it was more a cool hang-out event than only a show. By creating this event we also saw that there is actually many people (girls*, trans, queers) that came to our event and interested in the punk/hardcore scene. And this way, we all felt safe and had an amazing time together. So we decide to keep this as something really important : bringing girls* bands playing here and making those kind of events more often in Vienna. To finally also have our place.

We are making zines too. The truest idea of our zine is to give a medium to anybody who feels the need to share something, to do it. I often like only one or two things I do, it could not make a zine on itself, so having someone taking care of putting it together with other people is something great and that make me feel “proud” that I can do something and being a part of it too. For our second issue we decided to have a theme : Abusive Relationship. It can be trigger, but it is also everywhere around us, or we know someone, or we lived it in any kind of relationship (friendship, family, partners) and it is not only about sharing your story, but also your advices, how to heal, or just to let go your rage, your peace, your mind by writing, drawing, painting, photographing it. And it feels good to see that we are not alone.

Plus, we have infos table at some events in Vienna to inform about our zines and what we are doing and sharing flyers informing about issues and struggles. Everyone is welcome in the club and can take part of it by any kind of way.

We also like to be able to talk with everyone and take ideas and critics to construct ourselves better.

We want to be heard but not seen.


Where is your homebase and what can be improved there?

We are based in Vienna. I think a lot can be improved, doesn’t mean it was catastrophic before but that you can always improve the scene here. Moreover many booking organisations were stopping or booking less bands, less people in general are going to shows, or they choose a specific kind of music and do not support the smaller/an other kind of music, which is sad.


Why do we all need feminism?

Because feminism now is not about the fight of white women who wants to have equal pay and more power in government. We need it because nowadays, feminism has to be intersectional, because it is not only about white cis abled women, but also about trans and queers, about people of color, about muslims women, about neurodiversity, about disability, about minorities and oppressions. It is not about being equal to the white cis men in this society, but about the deconstruction of the society from its roots. To let flows our differences, to show them, to embrace them.


Is feminism inter-woven with veganism to you?


I would like to make it clear that it is not because you are not vegan that you are a less better person than anybody else. I remember seeing t-shirt like “real women don’t eat meat” I was embarrassed. Because I do not eat meat I should place myself as better or, worst, “real”. It is so outrageous, and if you mix feminism and veganism then you know that “real” women is bulshit, what does that even mean “real”?

Of course, being vegan is important and the other way is also strange and contradictory, how could you tell yourself feminist if you are basically drinking the milk of a mother who got her child stolen and that rape is used to make the cows pregnant, it is so awful and so important to acknowledge that both are connected and that both need to fight for.

But I was also eating meat and also drinking milk so why blaming someone for doing so ? Go and talk to them, go and share your experience, go and explain the connection between those two fights that can be fought together.





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