MAP OUT VEGAN DESTINATIONSThis is mostly useful for your actual destination. This weekend we’re heading to Brooklyn so it’s really easy to find vegan places on Yelp, and in a few weekends we’re going to Maine so we need to be a little more careful and plan ahead. We just favorite or star places that look good on Google Maps or on Yelp and it makes it really easy to find them when we get there.BRING YOUR OWN SNACKSThis is crucial! Before you leave, always pack a bag of snacks. It could be a trail mix, or granola bars, or clementines, or chips, or any other little item that can sustain you during a long trip. This reduces the amount of gas station snacks you’ll have to get later – most of which are not healthy or cheap or easily vegan. Normally we don’t care that much about health, but travel can really take it out of you – it’s really easy for me to feel the effects of drinking lots of soda and eating candy after a 12 hour car ride. Light snacks just feel better after lots of driving!

Quelle: Road Tripping While Vegan – chickpea magazine