Dear Creestal 🙂 (Crystal), welcome to this interview and please let’s start by telling us and our readers more about yourself. What should we know about you?

Hiiiii my name is Crystal Sanchez but I’m known as @Creestaaal and @veganmakeupshare on social media

Why did you become a vegan?

I became Vegan for the animals.

And how did you claim straight edge for you?

Well I’ve always been straight edge, but I didn’t know the term till I read an interview of FOB and Andy Hurley spoke about Vegan straightedge in a magazine (long ago)and that’s how I looked into the straightedge term and started claiming edge in high school.

You are a supporter of Eva (Rats in the Wall, ex-Gather), which other bands are close to your heart?

My music interests go from Punk, Hardcore, Metal,Classic Rock and everything in between to be honest… and also pop because i love dancing.

✨Negative Space wings✨ #motd @ilovepacifica ➡️GlowBabyFaceScrub➡️SeaFoamFaceWash➡️Cactus Water➡️PurifyCoconutWipes➡️ProbioticRe-HabCream @schmidtsnaturals ➡️Bergamot+Lime & Beanie @katvondbeauty Lock-It:➡️Foundation➡️ConcealerCreme➡️SettingPowder➡️Make-UpSettingMist Everlasting liquid lipsticks ➡️ A-Go-Go on lips&Liner(April is Animal Cruelty Prevention month) ➡️Dreamer as mascara Everlasting Lip Liners:➡️Smiths➡️Swanly (Negative Space) @lunartideshair ➡️LunarWhite(TestingOut) @ofracosmetics ➡️Beverly Hills @hottopic @blackheart ➡️ Iridescent🐱Choker SideNote: 💓I love all animals but 🐱cats& 🐷Pigs have a special place in my heart( I'm biased😹)Pictured Senior Cat Squeaks who was declawed by her"humans"& dumped🙀outside 😭my boyfriends family has taken her in& she's doing a lot better. Declawing is animal Cruelty!!!!😡Declawing is equivalent to getting your fingers cut at the first knuckle!!!! ⏺ #veganmakeupshare #creestaaal #crueltyfree #vegan #vegangirl #veganbeauty #katvondbeauty #pacificamuse #pacificabeauty #ofracosmetics #veganmakeup #veganblogger #veganlifestyle #crueltyfreebeauty #animalrights #animalliberation

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You also run @veganmakeupshare with a larg following. Since when have you been into make up?

I been into makeup since middle school, I wasn’t allowed to wear it but i did. I would wear it in school and take it off before going home.

Who were the role models you thought were inspiring for your looks?

My inspiration for makeup comes from soooo many places to be honest bahahahaha, 50s-90s but I also do love to have a bare face and focus on Skincare. I really don’t have makeup roll models. Art, nature anything can and will inspire me.

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Do you find wearing make up empowering and feminist?

I believe if you want to wear makeup you should do it!!! If you don’t want to wear makeup then don’t! Do it for yourself! Makeup can be empowering Artistically but it’s also empowering to have a bare face and learn to love your pure self. Fuck what society thinks is the “Proper way ” makeup should be applied like for a “Girl” and for those who don’t know makeup is gender-less.

When did you make the cut to only use cruelty-free and vegan products, was it the same moment you also changed your diet?

I became Vegan for the animals and I didn’t educate myself on anything to do with beauty. I had absolutely no makeup or beauty products for years. In 2012 I started officially modeling and when I would do photoshoots I noticed that some lashes and brushes are made with fur, then I realized cosmetics and Skincare was tested on animals. After my first alternative model photoshoot @Veganmakeupshare was born and I went full fledged Cruelty-Free and vegan products only. I realized how much education was needed and I been spreading awareness ever since. I became a blogger after a few months and I still continue to create vegan friendly products for everyone by reaching out to brands and explaining to them why Cruelty-Free is the way to go and eventually push vegan friendly products in the market.

Tell us about your favorite brands you are supporting?

Theres soooo many brands I could literally fill out this entire Zine with names!!!! You can find every brand I support on my Website: or you can check out @Veganmakeupshare on Instagram.

Here are some:

  • Pacifica Beauty (Vegan)
  • Lunatick Cosmetics Labs (Vegan)
  • KatVonDBeauty (Cruelty-Free with vegan   friendly products)
  • Blackmoon Cosmetics (Vegan)
  • Dermae (Vegan)
  • Johnny concert ( Vegan)
  • Fairy girl (Vegan)
  • Aromi beauty (Vegan)
  • Arctic Fox hair color (Vegan)
  • Manic panic( Cruelty-Free with vegan friendly products)
  • Trustfundbeauty ( Vegan)
  • Modern minerals (Vegan)
  • Feral cosmetics (Vegan)
  • Schmidts Natural’s (vegan)
  • Necromancy Cosmetica (vegan)
  • Pnk digger (Vegan)
  • Kiss my face (Cruelty-Free with vegan friendly products)
  • Melt cosmetics ( Cruelty-Free with vegan friendly products )
  • Jeffree star cosmetics (Vegan)

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Instagram can be a tough crowd, how do you counteract negativity on this platform?

Let’s be honest I get a lot of negativity on social media because I’m vegan. I’m also an empath soooo it can be tough. I used to cry a lot!! I get bullied a lot!!! But @Hurleyxvx thought me that some people have nothing better to do with their time. Just to block them. I used to just be my nice self back to them when people would go after me and it just never works. I started taking Hurley’s advice and I just now block accounts  everyday unfortunately.

What are the perks of having such a popular account?

The perks are that I’m spreading awareness to famous people, they are learning from me and they are applying what I’m teaching them to the real world. I “inspire ” many to learn from all my research and they spread awareness. It definitely would be nice from time to time to get recognized though bahahahaha, but I do it for the animals that are being continuously (Murdered&brutally )tested on. Sooo In the end this is why I accept to model, do interviews  and blog. I just want to continue to be a resource so others don’t have to struggle with their beauty products. No animal has to die for your vanity. There’s no excuse for animal abuse.



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