Tonight was a really awesome tour kickoff for Rare Form (from Philly) and No Dice at Vera. I’ve been listening to Rare Form a lot so really happy I caught them and get to again this weekend. Vacant Life was sweet, and I really need to dig up their recordings. Meant to last time I saw them at El Corazon. I won’t spoil the fun by saying what song, but No Dice opened up with a surprise cover. Also No Dice has a D&D inspired shirt that says Rare Dice spring tour so you can bet my nerd ass is wearing it to work tomorrow. Universal Peace was great, glad to catch them again. I forgot to pick up a tape though, grumble. It Follows opened, and it was great seeing them again. Hopefully they’ll play more often? Go see Rare Form and No Dice on tour!! And come to Book Your Own Fest this weekend and hang out!


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