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In this category, Kat will show you great music that found her, not the other way around. From time to time, people from all over the world find us and the zine and write to us with their creations. We totally want to support cool, diy, political projects. So, this is their space ❤

This time, it’s STILLBORN’S new 7″ I got to listen to before release. And yes, it is so good! Strong, fast riffs, great lyrics, angry vocals. Be prepared for a smasher, folks! Single release will be soon, vinyl records to be expected in 2 months.


A plague, resistance
We are what we are
New hope, persistent
We are what we are
A fire, my yearning
We are what we are
Dead soil keeps burning
We are what we are
Humanity, Bastard of Death and Misery
Exploit the weak, seed nothing but agony
Ruler of violent insanity
It’s time to tear you apart
I refuse your man-made hierarchy
I disrespect your selfish ways
I turn my back on oppressive tradition
Freedom for the enslaved is my ambition
A plague, resistance
We are what we are
New hope, persistent
We are what we are
A fire, my yearning
We are what we are
Dead soil keeps burning
We are what we are
-No Tolerance-

Recrimination is your argumentation
Following a dead image of a dead nation
Leading you into a world of desperation
Dying alone between hatred and frustration
I despise your so called ideologies
I despise your stupid fascist dreams
I despise your so called heroes
There is zero tolerance for zeros
-Chains of Repression-

Constrained by the chains of repression
Police violence – systematically constructed by the state
Constituted oppression
Hammers of injustice forge your fate
Criminalized because of your actions
For the innocent and the weak
Actions driven by compassion
To act for those who can’t speak
A scapegoat has to be made
Legal campaign blurred in the haze of terror and hate
Authority – exploited and purchased
To decimate “disturber” and to lay waste
Your body – locked up and isolated
Your soul – depressed by the turmoil they’ve created
Your mind – still strong and free
You can’t destroy us, you can’t destroy me
-Social Harm-

Flickering lights on empty streets
Searching warmth in a cold breeze
Surrounded by strangers with cruel eyes
Passionless, their hearts are cold as ice
Suffocating on their stupid arrogance
Afraid to give us just one single chance
Poisoned bodies, poisoned veins
Afraid of freedom, afraid of change
Such as birds with clipped wings
Happy with their golden cage
And they are looking down on us
Lonely, empty lives, forever lost
And they think we’ve to envy them
But we never wanted to be like them

They are currently planning a tour and still looking for dates:

01.09. Poland (Krakau)
02.09. Germany (Dresden/Cottbus)
03.09. Germany (Berlin)
04.09. Germany (Hamburg)
05.09. Denmark
06.09. Sweden (Malmö)
07.09. Germany
(08.09. Germany – optional)

If you can help out, let them know 😉


Gib eine Beschriftung ein

We have printed some totebags. Design by the talented Eva Genie from Rats in the Wall. Available for online purchase on our bigcartel store. Vienna people, if you want one get in touch, we can bring it to a show or meet somewhere. Damage 6€. Available in sand and heather grey. #smashpatriarchy #nomeansno




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