In this category, Kat will show you great music that found her, not the other way around. From time to time, people from all over the world find us and the zine and write to us with their creations. We totally want to support cool, diy, political projects. So, this is their space ❤


Recently, I received this very cool email from Matt in THE PATH:

My name is Matt. I play guitar in The Path, a hardcore/punk band from Vermont in the United States. Just came across your site. I really enjoy seeing a  hardcore fanzine promoting veganism as heavily as you do. I feel that overall veganism is still frowned upon in hardcore/punk and mocked.

Anyway, I’ve been vegetarian since 2005 and vegan since 2008. The Path is predominantly vegan (and one straight edge member). We just recorded our first record four months ago. If you’re interested in sharing it on your site or reviewing it, I’d love to hear what you think! Check it out here:
Thanks again for making such an awesome site! Take care.
Thank you right back, Matt!
We exchanged some messages and I really dig their music, so we will feature them in our summer issue, fanzine no. 9  starting when we are done with no. 8 coming out in May 😉 Poetic lyrics, awesome energy, reminds me a little bit of SPIRITS, too, which is always a good thing.
My heart is racing my feet won’t stop pacing
my mind is bracing for the storm thats heading my way

The room feels so small theres no room at all

wave after wave after wave after wave but I refuse to drown

my blood is expanding my lungs are contracting
gravity has an effect on me that won’t let me off the ground
But I’m trying

The room feels so small theres no room at all!

This record is free. Your time and attention are far more valuable than your money.

If you are inclined to leave a few bucks All money raised from this record will be donated to:

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Pathways Vermont

Cassette version of “Our Cancer Year” out now on Byyyyyyyah! Records from Seattle, WA!


released December 1, 2016

Recorded live in Matt’s basement by Eric “Noodle” Wisowaty on October 12th, 14th & 19th, 2016. Eric is one of the finest people we’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

All songs by The Path, except “Fuck the Border” by Propagandhi. All lyrics by Jon Berg except “Soul Murder” by Matt Kimball. Additional vocals by Kris and Phil.




.lgbtqia+ activist

.intersectional feminist

.vegan 2009

.straight edge 1998