Full lineup: No Dice (Tape Release), Ziptie, and Health Scare

Tonight I was able to stay awake from the last week of exhaustion and chaos to hit up the No Dice tape release. It was a short and sweet show, 3 bands, but I had a great time. First up was Health Scare, a band I caught at Black Lodge. They have an old fast hardcore punk vibe, think early Circle Jerks level speed and flow. Second off was Ziptie, who are super fun. I caught them once before, but I feel I could hear them a lot better this time around. They have a few tunes up on Bandcamp. Next up was the sick noise project debut from Elise which I have dubbed NO(ISE) DICE. Last was No Dice, who played a new song then went through their whole tape (which is sick BTW). They are going on tour in April, and I’m toying with the idea of driving down a couple of the dates.
All my photos from the show are up at http://www.ftrbreed.com