Why do these bitches always try and make things so difficult for those boys who are just being boys?

Because it’s just a joke, you see. These kinds of boys don’t mean it when they laugh about violating women. They don’t mean it when they post memes on men’s only Facebook pages joking about beating women up, or share actual videos and photographs of women engaged in sex acts with them so that other men can enjoy watching. Those men at ADFA – they didn’t mean it when they illegally recorded their friend having sex with one of their fellow female colleagues. The boys at Steubenville didn’t mean it when they dragged an unconscious girl from party to party, raping her and then urinating on her and filming the whole thing for a laugh. The boys and men sharing photographs of underage schoolgirls with each other, they didn’t mean to violate these girls’ privacy. They don’t mean it when they rally online troops against women who dare to stand up against them, tagging all their friends and swooping in to demonstrate what happens when mouthy women fight back. Donald Trump didn’t mean it when he joked about using his star power to sexually assault women. This is just locker room banter, boys being boys.