November 8th will mark the end of a race between two horrible contestants for the US presidency. Don’t get me wrong, all politicians suck, politics suck, especially if they are controlled by lobbies and corporations. But this time, it’s so unbelievable what is happening, that we asked the bands and people who are in our upcoming issue to share their thoughts on this, because it is them who will have to live with whoever gets voted tomorrow. (kat)

„It’s a pretty big, depressing mess.  I can’t say I am a fan of Hillary at all but we definitely can’t have Trump.  I don’t know what I’m going to do for this election and won’t judge anyone’s decisions to vote for the lesser of two evils, vote third party, or sit this one out.“

(Christina for GOUGE AWAY)

“Whatever happens,  I’m going to keep making music and striving to make a positive impact in my community through the work I do with the non-profit I direct, Skate Like a Girl. Change comes from the people (Unions, Civil Rights Movement, etc) not from the top down. Social movements can be more powerful than any vote for any politician, as long as we work together and organize to make the changes we want to see in our society. But if you’re wondering, I’m voting for Hillary because if Donald Trump gets elected I’ll have to move to Canada, and I love Seattle.”


„I believe Trump is only in the race to make Hillz look like a reasonable candidate. The consensus is that no one really likes either candidate, but they dont want the other to win so badly it seems as though they have a preference. And maybe it becomes so. Obviously Trump is a fucking weiner. He uses intolerance as a platform to rile up the bigots, sexists, nationalists, racists, homophes, rednecks, etc (aka the worst walks of life) because he speaks their language. The only reason he has gotten so far is because he validates all the resentments that ignorant americans have been burying deep inside. Hillz on the other hand paints on a smile, a wave, seems to be friendly… but shes has also shown her intolerance. As we mentioned earlier she has had a huge hand in the prison industrial complex, the war on drugs, and destroying black communities through both of these. Then there is all the documented fraud, corruption. How she is even allowed to run for president is still baffling. On one hand Trump talks a bunch of shit but has never had the opportunity to do harm in a political sense, and on the other Hillary has had the opportunity to do a shit ton of harm and did it. So I’m not sure if there is a “lesser of 2 evils” here, but if having the choice of 2 people with whose ethics dont allign with mine or with the interest of every person in america is democracy I dont want any part of it.“

(Pete for xBISHOPx)

„It‘s an unfortunate situation that American is in right now, but we unfortunately have to choose the lesser of two evils. I really hope people open their eyes and realize that Trump CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be our president.“

(Kayla for RARE FORM)

„We are an anti-state organization. Politicians, just like cops, are not working for us.“ (Stacey for NO.)

„Dear middle class white people: Please stop saying that if Trump wins the election you‘re going to move to Canada. We get it, he fucking sucks, but check your privilege and quit being so weak. If you‘re upset with the injustices happening in our country, do something about it!!! Vote, convince a friend to vote for democrat, campaign, protest, write an angry post on Facebook, literally anything! But please, stop
threatening to leave the country and exercise your right to vote and use your voice to stop this monster.“


„I‘m not excited about either prospect as future President of the United States. However, I do believe that Trump is not the candidate that should be allowed to succeed. I am very afraid of what the future of this country will look like. A lot of movement for rights for Queer folks have been implemented in laws and policies. This does not mean that Queerphobia has changed. The success of Trump as the Republican candidate shows us that the US is still racist, homophobic, and sexist. A lot of people have stated previously that the US was in a post-racial society. The Trump success shows us this is not true at all. I  do not back Clinton as the possible President candidate either. Either President will continue the military occupation of countries that the US should not be a part of. This is dangerous and it is unfortunate that the US is harming so many people inside and outside it‘s borders.“

(Tish for xGRRRLx Zine)

„I think it’s hilarious, except that it’s real. I think they should actually keep Trump around as an old orange racist senior citizen from reality TV shows, because he’s really engaging as a Troll. Just maybe not as a leader of a nuclear superpower. Or shit, maybe he’d kill it, who knows? End of the day, it’s all theatre. People need to stop dignifying the entire process, not just the 6 months before an election.“

(Chris for SECT XVX)

„Oh gheez, It’s hard to know where to begin honestly. Clearly, Donald Trump is not suitable to be the face of a nation due to his obvious lack of social skills and empathy, and Hillary Clinton is owned by corporate America and seems highly untrustworthy. Politics has become as silly as reality television, but in the end I think maybe that’s what America wants these days.
I personally don’t really believe much in America’s political system, and I believe corporate interest is the real motivating factor behind most political decisions. I do however think that the President is important because they represent our country as our face and mouthpiece, and for that I sincerely hope Donald Trump loses and loses badly.“

(Scott for Sect XVX)

Jimmy: It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. The fact that the frontrunners of both parties, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, were both viewed as “radical” anti establishment outsiders speaks volumes about the state of US politics and the population’s opinion of the status quo. Unforunately, by definition the status quo is the existing state of affairs, so we’re faced with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both are monsters, though Donald Trump is every bit the monster Clinton is, and then some.“

(Jimmy for SECT XVX)