Nothing indicates the horror of Montreal’s pit bull ban more than this: PETA’s mealy-mouthed congratulation. In 2012, when a shelter announced its regretful decision to start killing pets, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent them a congratulatory basket of vegan cookies. And now that Ingrid Newkirk’s outfit is cheering for Mayor Denis Coderre’s shiny new law, it can mean one thing only: a whole lot of dogs are about to die in Quebec.

PETA insists, of course — mid-congratulations — that they don’t wish to see pit bulls killed; they wish to see them “well cared for.” (Surely the most gruesome euphemism of the week.) Their concern isn’t eradication; it’s “breed-specific protection.” (Surely the second-most gruesome euphemism of the week.) Unfortunately, back when PETA’s founder was a bit more honest about her urges, she wrote — in a piece that’s still online — that she wanted to see every pit bull in a shelter go out the back door dead.