I’ve never cared for the term “fake meat”. There is nothing fake about plant-based proteins; seitan and other plant protein analogues are real foods in their own right. Although plant proteins can approximate some meat-like appearances, flavors and textures, they do not approximate the fear and pain that accompanies the slaughter of an animal. 

Personally, I have no desire to ever eat real meat again, because it was never about the meat itself; it was the various textures and flavors that I enjoyed. Meat analogues provide the satisfaction of eating something I can sink my teeth into; of hearty foods that fill me up and stick to my ribs, and foods that remind of holiday traditions and cookouts and camping trips with friends and family in the summertime. 

As vegans we’re very passionate about our ethical beliefs in regards to animals. But consuming meat analogues does not harm animals, nor does it compromise our ethics. And although there may be some uncanny similarities in names, appearances, flavors and textures, there is no cruelty involved. Every vegan I know is deeply saddened by the systematic torture and slaughter of farm animals, but enjoying these foods does not imply a craving for the real thing. And the only way to end this horror is to offer the 97-98% of the non-vegan world population a compassionate alternative to meat products.