Ultimately, diet culture is the personification of the so-called rule that says shrinking is the best hope individuals, and especially women, have at achieving a fulfilled life. Shrink your body. Shrink your problems. Shrink your brain. Shrink yourself. Diet culture doesn’t want you to be a full person; not in shape, not in intellectuality, not in individuality, either.

It’s a business rooted in making you feel like a failure. In reality, the only failure is that of a system meant to condition people to waste their time, if not the entirety of their lives, striving to look like someone else, so that they can then live their lives to the fullest. One of the many problems with this is that we’re already living our lives, though. Or at least, we should be. Once you realize that, the point of diet culture can only become moot — the space it previously occupied in your mind and heart freed up to allow for all the living you have to do.