The woman in the video was 29-year-old Irish adventurer and competitive surfer Dr Easkey Britton—believed to be the first woman ever to surf openly in Iran. “I had just come out of an intense period of competing and was seeking change,” she tells Broadly. “What attracted me to Iran initially was simply the sense of adventure, the pull of a place so unknown to me and shock at my own ignorance of such a complex, historically rich, influential and highly politicized part of the world.”Britton first headed there in 2010, with Marion Poizeau, a documentary maker. The region they travelled to, Baluchestan Province, is located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman and borders Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s a very traditional place, and a region with a checkered history of tribal infighting and drug smuggling. She admits her athletic sponsors weren’t keen on the idea of her heading there, and refused to fund her trip. “I think they were fearful about what Iran represented, and had a lack of belief in what was possible,” she says. They needn’t have been. Dr Britton was met with overwhelming positivity by locals and an idea to encourage Iranians—especially young Persian women—to surf was born.

Quelle: Riding the Wave of Feminism: Meet the Female Surfers of Iran | Broadly