Loved her so much back in 1997! (kat)

I think girls are so burdened by their sexuality in music. When I write, it’s sexless, unless I’m talking about cock or tits or whatever. That’s a place to be completely free from that and have your own point of view, male or female.

The other day I saw a girl wearing a sweatshirt saying “gender is over” and I was like, “Wow, this is really happening!” A woman’s perspective has only been written by men, forever. It’s really time for women to own their voice and get louder than ever. I think my relationships have been hard because I do like cock, I just don’t like the men attached to it. [laughs] It’s like the Black Lives Matter movement: White people are doing their research now and realizing “Holy shit, this is fucked up.” I want men to do that for women.

Don’t you feel people are increasingly aware of these things?
This guy said to me once that all Black people have PTSD. I thought he was the biggest racist white dirtbag ever but he just got it. It is slowly creeping up on people.