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 The show was off the hook.

I know, you read that a lot, everywhere, but this…this was pure energy in a room full of people looking out for each other. It was like a high school hardcore reunion, or an instagram meetup, 350 people looking for a great show and they got it. MINDSET were unbelieveable. It’s so hard to say goodbye. But like the saying goes:

Don’t cry because it’s over

Smile, because it happened.

Cheesy, huh? No, it’s just PMA. All day. And I believe Mindset would agree. 😛 Shoutouts to BAKING THE LAW, collecting money for HARD TO PORT, Mo and his BACKBITE RECORDS, Toni P. from POSITIVE & FOCUSED Records, who is now a full time barber 😉 Raphi from SOLITUDE ZINE, all the nice people we know and love to party & chill with. 2016 is going to be huge, this is just the start…with another ending, after BANE’s final tour in Europe.

Next stop: FOUNDATION in Hasselt, Belgium. April, brace yourself! 😀

We only filmed the first 8 minutes of the set, after which the venue was completely torn apart. But see for yourselves:



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