Because mainstream veganism is saturated with Eurocentric logic, the assumption is that black folks who go vegan are “transcending” their negative situations, not only in terms of their health, but also in terms of their racial location.In particular, the mainstream seems to be obsessing over former black ‘gang-members’ going vegan or ‘gangsters’ who are now vegan. There’s not one week that goes by that I’m not seeing stories coming from certain mainstream pages centering on former black gang-members or ‘gangsters’ who have seen the light and are now vegan and ‘peaceful.’Guerrilla gardeners like Ron Finley (known as the Gangsta Gardener) are fighting white supremacy in creative ways, despite the fact that he doesn’t explicitly say this. However, his story is being de-contextualized and re-framed through a narrative that makes the dominant class comfortable. Wow-If black people just stopped being lazy and cleaned up their communities, they would be respected more!

Quelle: Vegans of Color and Respectability Politics: When Eurocentric Veganism is Used to Rehabilitate Minorities | Aphro-ism