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Oh, yes, you do! ❤

Fucking love it! EVERY SECOND! Cannot wait for more, it feels like the first times I listened to TOUCHÉ AMORE…this is so beautiful, so energetic! I loved the GOODTIME BOYS so much, I am happy to see some of their spirit back alive and kicking.

A blistering emotional assault, there’s a fury to ‘Change Nothing’ that harnesses all the frustration that remaining undercover so long garnered and sets it ablaze – DIY MAG

Modern hardcore band ‘Terrible Love’ have dropped the video for their massive debut track ‘Change Nothing’ via DIY Mag. The band, featuring members of recently departed Goodtime Boys, Bastions and Grappler, are set to release their EP of the same name in the coming weeks via their Bandcamp page. They will also be playing their first set of dates with ‘Jungbluth’ in February, including a date at The Unicorn in London on the 13th.


Formed in the wake of the recently departed Goodtime Boys, Bastions and Grappler, modern hardcore band Terrible Love are something more than the sum of their parts. Having extensively played all over the world in their previous bands, the five piece came together in 2015 to record the melodically chaotic EP ‘Change Nothing’, which will be released on the band’s Bandcamp in January 2016, along with initial tour dates and merch.

Having decamped as far from the city as land will allow, writing sessions began in Cornwall in the spring of 2015, culminating in a five song EP, ‘Change Nothing’, an explosive record which is equally melodic as it is caustic. From the urgent opening title track to the epic shimmer of ‘Sparrow’, the band explores everything from post-hardcore to post-punk within its 16 minutes.

With topics ranging from personal loss, urban gentrification, cultural homogenisation to this generations sense of ennui, the EP gives a cathartic voice to frustrations that are all too common in recent years.

With the band set to kick off 2016 in explosive fashion, keep your eyes peeled for more tour dates and a 12″ set for release later in the year.


February Live Dates

12 Brighton, The Hope & Ruin (w/ Jungbluth)

13 London, The Unicorn (w/ Jungbluth)



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