I love those veganmofo-prompts. But this is hard.

Vegans do not grow on trees, you know. 😛 At work, there are not even vegetarian people around me. When I go to normal events it is unlikely someone there will be vegan…but thankfully, my music scene is full with vegans and I cannot even count all the friends I have made sharing veganism as common ground. I know I am lucky. Some vegans I know have no other vegan friends, for going out to eat, struggling with their family and being a target of bullying at work.

So this is an opportunity for me to thank my vegan community, near and far, virtual and real life, it is great you exist! ❤ YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Through the zine, we are getting to know many cool vegans as well, and it is always a joyous moment to read a “xvx” greeting under your messages 😉 And to all animal friends…I wish you could all be free and unharmed.