Animals love you no matter what.

Why not return the sentiment?

This strongly reminded me of a great article in T.O.F.U. Magazine, which I reviewed for our current print issue #4.

I will show you the bit I wrote about it:

To me, the most touching and intense was the FOCUS article by Chelsea sub-titled with “The need for Fat Acceptance in the Animal Rights Community”. We do. In all communities. But people are people and no matter the social or political agenda, people tend to behave in similar ways – and shaming others is no exception to this. Chelsea got Kristy, the guinea pig, for her 7th birthday and the unconditional love showed her how to be accepted and not teased and shamed for being heavy. This was her connection to veganism. She writes “Animals are my savior in life.“ and as she describes how much she loves her dying cat Roy I tear up because I love my cats the very same way and have also been writing about this feeling.

Apart from elaborating on thin privilege, Chelsea’s experience shows how you can be bullied in your own community, with no allies at your side while all being the allies ob those animals that will not care how much you weigh or which size you are.

Are fat people just their fat thighs, double chins, and bellies? Are we not people as well? Some are vegan, bike riders, runners, swimmers, anti-corporate activists, anarchists, bloggers, and gardeners; we are valuable members of the community worthy of respect. We should not have to

worry about our own community targeting the image we see in the mirror. We should not have to worry that we will standalone if we are attacked for our physical appearance.

Size-obsession, fat hate, body-hating images, shaming and blaming all those who do not fit the (vegan) ideal – it’s all there in Chelsea’s exceptional article, along with the cutest pictures of Roy and her. A lump in my throat gets bigger and bigger when she is talking about unconditional love and ending cruelty TOWARDS ALL BEINGS – including those who don’t fit your ideal.

As my cat Roy continues to love me through his illness while I hurt so deeply, I am reminded that acceptance can be unconditional. I love animals for this reason. I know they are worth saving, but I cannot stand up and fight for them while others are tearing me down.“

‘Nuff said!

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