Quick garlic butter.


Figs with melted Mozzarisella.

I am a woman of extremes.

Sometimes I love cooking and baking to take hours and hours, especially when I tested recipes for my all-vegan cookbook COOKING WITH KAT, I was dedicating whole weekends to cooking. But I work a 40-hour Job, my commute takes up around 13 hours on top of that, so I am not too keen to spend my spare time in the kitchen in the evenings. It has to be “quick, easy and delicious” for me most of the time!

Here are some examples with descriptions of what it is or how I made it:

Corn on the cob, just heated and great to go.
I LOVE bread. It is insane. Sweet and savory…

Dates filled with vegan cream cheese.
Did I mention I love bread. Open sandwiches FTW! Raw onions, please!