Zines, Zines, Zines.

With contributing to zines all around the world, we seek to enrich other people’s perspectives and broaden the scope of zines that live off cintributors’ articles. I found out about Maggie’s zine on facebook, when she called for submissions, I answered. 🙂

Check out the contents and our contribution here (beautifully done, our special recommendations marked in bold):

Table of Contents
4 – Letter From the Editor – Maggie Fleetwood
5 – Disclaimer
6-7 – Contributors Roster
8 – End of Summer Staycation – Carolyn Scott-Hamilton
11 – Vegan Travel Snacks – Maria Giurcan
13 – Miso Pickles – Hannah Kaminsky
14 – Hazelnut Butter Filled Whole Wheat Crepes with Strawberry Banana Ice Cream – Moky Munaretto
16 – Pan Seared Garlic Jalapeño Tofu with a Spicy Peanut Cilantro Sauce + Rice Noodles – Lauren Boushey
17 – Sweet Butternut Squash Jalepeno Soup With Lemon & Avocado – Jasmine Briones
18 – How To Be Vegan – Karli Williamson
21 – Let’s Eat Some Food – Kelsey Depenhart
24 – A Plea to Remember the True Values of Veganism – Samantha Kirkwood

Also, we must remember to be compassionate and aim to understand struggles that we are not necessarily a part of. After all, isn’t this what veganism is about? As a group, we should envelope our vision to include ending racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia and all other forms of oppression including animal abuse. It is no longer an excuse to say that if the world goes vegan all other forms of oppression will end. Although a beautiful ideology there is no scientific proof and, actually, with the actions of some “vegans” there is proof of the very opposite. By definition we are dreamers of a better world living powerfully to make that dream come true so please, let us not restrict that dream. Let us not restrict that better world. Oppressive systems must be recognized, unlearned and destroyed individually; they’re not all simply dismantled when we live in line with the destruction of one. So why not work together to destroy them all? Then we are one step closer to the utopian dream of a fairer, happier, vegan world. A fairer, happier vegan world for ALL.
28 – Veganism Isn’t the Answer to All Problems? – Angela Stähli
31 – Feminist Business Feature; Riot Cakes by Carly

36 – Feminism is For Everybody + Poetry – Kat Phil
38 – Vegan University – Dallas Rising
42 – Healthy Hoohoo, Product Review – Maggie Fleetwood and Savannah Hayes
46 – Total Liberation Provides Agency for All – Nicoal R. Sheen
52 – Veg Resources
53 – Want to Join Our Team or Contribute?
54 – Thanks for Reading + Where To Find MF Collective

Welcome to our Summer 2015 issue!
Thank you for picking up another e-copy of MF Collective. In this issue we have a lot of new
contributors, sharing peices on feminism, animal liberation movements and even some recipes
thrown in there.
In each of these “Letter From The Editor“‘s I try to update everyone on the current plans for
MF Collective and let you in on whatever is going on. Today I dont really have much to share
as things are going pretty smoothly and we dont have any huge plans coming up yet.. Though,
Savannah and I will be working through some MFC fundraising ideas in the coming months.
We are also considering doing a crowdfunding project sometime next spring, or at least selling
some things in the Etsy shop to raise some funds to keep things going. We love the idea of stickerbombing
and involving people on Instagram to participate in getting the word out there about
us. From what i’ve seen, there arent a lot of vegan-run magazines about the things we promote.
Especially that want to get teens and young adults involved like we do.
I know I’d love to do this fulltime and reach more people with our content but we dont have the
audience nor the funds, at the moment. So we’re going to just keep going at the pace that we
both can, while having outside projects and responsibilities. And hopefully get a Kikstarter or
Indiegogo started for next year. And sell stickers regardless, because who doesnt love stickers?
Plus our new logo is kind of my aesthetic. A paw and a fist, represent the two things we talk
about the most; Humans and animals. We promote the liberation of both.
Right now we’re just finishing up the securing of the brand, and setting goals for the next issue.
I just finalized the new MF Collective logo as i just mentioned, and updated all of our social
media pictures. We’re still working on the website, but its functioning alright so you can always
head over there to find links to all of our social media pages, our etsy shop and grab info on how
to contribute.
Speaking of contributing, we’re looking to recruit! We’ve had a great ammount of people submitting
things to us for these past three issues, and we want to keep it coming. We are looking for
talented photographers, writers and illustrators to join our team. Learn more about this on page
#53 , or email us at to get more info.
Happy reading!