I am not a breakfast person.

I learned that I belong to the Group called “morning fasters”, I can eat nothing until 12 or so, although starting work at 8 and getting up at 6. But sometimes, I eat breakfast, mostly on holidays and weekends. I crave different Food in summer, that’s why there is a distinction below.


Oats, overnight/regular, with soy/coconut/oat/almond/hazelnut milk or soy yoghurt and or nuts, fruit




Grapes ❤


Quick sip / good to go

Chocolate Coconut Milk


I have several allergies and food intolerances which brought me away from citrus fruits, kiwi, apples, tomatoes and more things, sadly.

Being vegan is easy, being gluten-free is hard (if you love bread)

and not eating tomatoes or apples is really hard!