“She isn’t dating until she’s 40!” “Isn’t that onesie a little revealing?” “You’ll need a shotgun now.” No one had said those things about my son, or my nephews. No one had wrung their hands over the boys’ wardrobe choices. No one had threatened to murder their future girlfriends. Apparently our collective panic about female sexuality is alive and well. I could visualize my spirited niece as a beautiful brown-eyed teenager being shamed for her clothing or for her natural urges to flirt with the opposite (or same!) sex. It was depressing.

That sexual double standard is motivated by a mix of beliefs. Some of these beliefs are plainly misogynistic. For example, if you think that sex damages a girl’s worth or purity, you are a misogynist. If your daughter has to pledge her virginity to you for safekeeping in some creepy ceremony, you are a misogynist AND you would make Oedipus blush. If you think young women don’t want sex, or are harmed by safe, enthusiastically chosen sex, then you are wrong and should probably educate yourself about basic biology.