This is the video that sparked the discussion of pathetic losers on 4chan about CHVRCHES frontwomen Lauren:

You can read the disgusting comments in the article at BUST:

I needed to comment on this because I always sense so much anger and rejection in those men’s comments. They could never “get a girl” like Lauren, they look up to her beauty and sexiness and since it seems to render them helpless, they lash out at her. I mean, what the actual fuck?!

But this is as old as humanity, they seek to destroy and shame what they secretly desire. Poor, pathetic people. In order not to be hippocrite: to me as well she is smoking hot and very beautiful in that video, and I cannot lie in terms of whether she pushes all my buttons too. But that is something aside from the art that is this video and wet hair does make noone a slut. And being a slut is not something shameful. Gosh, I cannot believe how many bitter people are out there on the internet full of envy and hate. Get a life, will you?!



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