Great read about literature and bi men. Loved the Craig/Bardem plot a lot.  (kat)

The book doesn’t give them one. Its front cover shows a dark and dangerous man wielding a machine gun. The back cover hasa photo of me in my flight suit, walking away from a Swedish air force helicopter I’ve just landed (as well as a writer, I am a lieutenant colonel). It looks like the standard thriller – cool, tough and very masculine. No sign of bisexuality. Nothing to suggest that the book’s protagonist, turning his back on his many female conquests, will fall in love with a man and do anything to save his life.

I think these male readers feel tricked, and Amazon gives them a place to vent their frustration with the zeitgeist. “Be forewarned,” says another negative review, that “a homosexual love story is a central element. I know it’s all the PC rage to get behind that stuff, but frankly, I have less than zero interest in reading about it.”