There is a huge difference between the countless wild animals we have driven into small percentages of their habitat and are already extinct or at the brink of it… And billions of those poor creatures who have been born and raised to be food and products after a short, cruel life.
The outcry is without proportion, since it was one majestic animal (with a name) hunted down to his death in long hours for sport, while millions of cows, chickens, turkeys, geese and rabbits suffer and die each day for food.
But still… There is no comparison to be made here. One is only here because of mankind’s cruelty, one is going to vanish from Earth for the same reason. Big difference. One is reproduced endless times, another will be left a single creature any day now (like the Northern white Rhino).

What they have in common, is they die because humans exist.

(An interesting theory I read in THE GUARDIAN is that the mighty lion was belittled by giving him a pet’s name. I disagree. Hunters hunt. Animals with and without names. For fun, for pleasure, for sport.
Another fact was the conclusion that no one is outraged as much about #blacklivesmatter or the killing of trans people or any other cruel acts happening. The reason can be found in the point I just made. A pet’s name. A lion with a suggested personality. And an animal of a species that we have made scarce.)




My kind of music, my kind of life. 2009 fand mich der Veganismus. Beste Wahl. Straight Edge bin ich, seit ich 16 bin. Against the grain. Poesie produziert mein Hirn auch ab und zu. Für Feminismus und gegen Nazis. An Alle, die überlegen, auch etwas DIY aufziehen: einfach machen. All das mache ich, weil ich dachte: Ich kann das auch.