Shown at the Fluff Fest 2015 Info Tent I was instantly captivated by this documentary.
Total eye-opener for those who are still turning a blind eye to all of this. Show this to your meat & dairy consuming friends.

(if it is gone, search YT again for “Cowspiracy”)

Climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio recently brought up this documentary to reach a mainstream audience as well. For me, environmental issues are a factor of veganism coming after empathy of animals’ suffering in my list, but it is there, nonetheless.

What is always interesting, is to witness how governments and lobbies will keep the truth from getting out there.

I recently thought the same thing about the milk controversy happening here in Europe, once subsidies are stopped to be given to farmers, their business is not even economical. Taxes are way higher for plant milk than for cow’s milk. And NGOs like Greenpeace are not helping at all. They are the reason that people like my office colleague think it is ok to be eating meat and consuming dairy and eggs and still being a warrior for the earth.

The farmers who hug and pet their grass-fed pigs are still killing them and think this is all too natural. Brrrr.

It is hilarious! And tragically sad. Must-share movie.

Coming to NETFLIX on Sept 15th.