I was a high-school feminist

Many people have sent me the “why I dance” video. In this seven-minute short, women of various ages, races, and body shapes dance sensually around a studio, with some of them eventually ending up on a pole.

Obviously, knowing me, the video rubbed me the wrong way.

Click for the full video Click for the full video

Part of it was because I automatically roll my eyes at anything that smacks of inspiration porn. Like, seriously. Can we call a moratorium on any video where women hold up whiteboards while smiling shyly but triumphantly at the camera?

Now, to be clear, it’s not the women in the film or their inner journeys that I’m criticizing. Dance can indeed be a powerful route towards self-esteem, empowerment, and embodiment. I’ve even written about it before.

What I am criticizing is the use of the pole.

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