And our zine will be out, better than ever!!!

Heavy Mental Zine Distro

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July is International Zine Month. At The Stolen Sharpie Revolution you can find a short introduction to the idea and also a nice list with things to do every day of July. We wanted to partake in some way and thought it might be a nice idea to fulfill (and where necessary adept) some of the items from the list and keep you updated here. The first task is straightforward:

Top 10 List of Reasons Why You Love Zines

  1. So many important topics and themes are tackled. (Our current catalogue gives a small insight what I mean by that.)
  2. There is such a variety of approaches: i.e. personal essays, comics, poems, how-to-articles, theoretical essays, discussions, quotes, drawings, collages – and all of these mixed. (In the first ever zine I made, I printed out the internet.)
  3. Sometimes you even find all the approaches…

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