releases 05 May 2015
Drums recorded by Matt Russell and Sean Cahalin at Q Division Studios, Boston MA
Guitars/Bass/Vocals recorded by Charles Chaussinand and Robert Cheeseman at No Control Studios, Boston MA
Mastered by Charles Chaussinand

Illustration by Hannah Medeiros

Oh, this is my record of my summer of 15 already. Totally in love with all of this. Listening to it as a whole, not even picking any favorites. It is emotional, driven, dynamique and simply kick ass.  🙂 Lyrics-wise, the record tackles a lot of issues that lie close to my heart as well. I will give you some excerpts to show you what I mean by that:

stand up fight back, depression eats at you like a plague. the difference is this time, we won’t let it decide our fate. the desecration of one’s spirit can be perfect reason for change. // days of light

i’ve seen addiction drag its claws through the skin leaving many scars. // time got lost

you cannot reach for freedom of speech when the ones in charge won’t let you speak. there’s no time for wishful thinking in this state of social unrest. with bullets flying people are dying, live in the hands of a badge and vest. you have no say in when you walk away and if you do you’re “lucky”. one infringement of what they said can leave you staggering or dead. // paid for hate

but the one thing that stuck with me through all this time; a positive outlet engrained in the back of my mind. straight edge. i hope you’ve found you way through this hell called life. maybe, one day, we’ll get back all we said. until then an open letter to an old friend. // the pledge

how do you change the tide when the almighty dollar is the beauty in the eye of the beholder. live outside their box. spend using your own thoughts. what do you truly need? evade their poison greed. if money’s all you see stay the fuck away from me. // the almighty dollar

This just got a hold of me. Cannot wait to see them live in 2 weeks! Give them a listen, come to a show and inhale Boston Hardcore spirit! (kat)

MINI TEASER for our 4th issue featuring a lenghty interview with Chalres about vinyl culture, Star Trek and veganism:

Kat: Are there developments in veganism you are watching with worries?
A big thing in the United States right now is a water shortage in California. I am originally from California, so it is something that I pay attention to, but there is very little discussion in the media about the fact that 40% of the water in California is being diverted to the agriculture surrounding and the direct support of the beef industry. A lot of the beef in the United States comes from CA, so there is an incredible amount of water there being used for beef. On past tours, I have driven by the areas where they have all the land for beef and the slaughterhouses. Even when I was just vegetarian, it was really an unfortunate and disheartening thing to see.