Legends Arising

Anchor - Distance & Devotion

Swedish straight edge band Anchor released its third full length Distance & Devotion on Bengans this month, a year and a half after they started recording the album. I was waiting in anticipation as I’m a big fan of The Quiet Dance (2008) and Discovery (2011). Anchor itself claims the album is a 11-track hard and heavy rock album full of frustration, personal struggles and firm convictions. If that doesn’t get you interested in this album I don’t know what will.

The first notes of ‘Upstream’ grab your attention immediately. A happy lead introduces the track followed by a darker riff that initiates a song that will stick in your head. ‘Upstream’ is the perfect example what this album holds in store; a melodic rock sound with screaming vocals, and lyrics that have a positive message. In the chorus Claes screams: “I’ll keep my head up high. I’ll live before I die. Two words…

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