Fire Born
Retribution I seek
As I, ember, walk these charred streets
Burning in injustice
Unwilling I came to suffering-
So now the inferno suffers me

We see the truth in agony
So light the threats like kindling
But peace will come by any means

Fire Born
I shake from time to time
As I, ember, see the other side
I will rub together fear and terror to spark a memory
Of collective suffering
Warm, humanity

Groping upwards backwards wildly
When we don’t have to reach to find decency and honesty
Tricked to worship with a lack of conscience
Illusions like money, god, and privilege
In our saintly mediocrity we are party to atrocitcy
Most are duped by smoke and mirrors
I don’t blame most – I just blame some
So now we become the warriors
In flames, the fireborn are home
These eyes won’t be put out

Fire Born
Those engulfed in flames
And I, ember, a wordless song we sang
Strive to liberate
And if these be my final, I must say:

I have none, but so much faith.