This year, Fluff Fest has been hot and fucking amazing, so here it goes, my own personal review of the hottest and nicest days this summer.

The lower times

There was a weird vibe sometimes at the fest and I really cannot figure out what attracted numerous idiots to this gathering of cool, respectful people.
The violent dancing at the disco tent was unnecessary, writing cardboards with “music 4 tits” or asking strange girls whether they wanna make out because they asked which band was playing — sad. People that play loud music all night long, shouting and keeping others awake “because this is a festival, dude!” Maybe it is because fluff has grown more and more, maybe certain bands attracted this kind of audience? I don’t know …

Vitamin X brought a topic to stage which I already discussed with my friends: Dogs and children cannot express whether they like being there or not. If you cannot get a sitter, you should stay at home. To me, it looks egotistical to attend a music festival with family members that have no other choice than to be brought. I am open-minded to talk with parents about that but not at Fluff itself because what is the point…they are already there. I think it is not a good idea. (Also, I am pro-vaccination for children, which has become a large discussion point in society as well and many vegan/alternative parents I spoke to say do not want their child to be vaccinated. Of course, it remains their choice. But I think it is not very responsible.) I was always camping when I was little, but it wasn’t at music festivals. Here, a German newspaper article deals with that question as well.

Other voices said to me it must be a blast for the dogs, running around, being outside. Don’t think so. Too much heat, too many people, no lake to cool off, loud noises…my dog, when still alive, would have been kind and patient because she was incredibly sweet and loyal but would she have LIKED it?

When a girl at the pool’s toilets had to puke, my thoughts wandered to all the people with bulimia. Must be complete hell at Fluff when you are bulimic. Since 1 out of 3 womenn you know approx. have this eating disorder, there must have been some at Fluff. Maybe you go into the woods. Why I wonder? I myself was bulimic for several years, struggling with eating out and then facing public toilets…sometimes we tend to forget that not for everyone these kinds of activities come easily, due to anxieties or disorders of any sort. This is also valid for artists themselves, not for everyone having a good time comes easy. These are the invisble sicknesses…

The high times

Saw so many great bands and battled the sun together with so many great people. The staff of Fluff is always kind and smiling, even after handing out the fourhundredth “rapsberry and kofola” or grilling an endless line of tofu burgers in this heat…a big thank you to everyone involved!

To swim in the public pool was the best thing to do when the sun reached its full impact around noon. Cold water, sun, tattooed people everywhere having fun and hanging out. Here also, the staff was patient and friendly. A BILLA cashier told me how to say thank you in Czech, made the  people smile everytime…hope to remember it next year!


«My dear little Fluff diary…»


 | http://www.mankukapak.de | free download: http://mankukapak.de/download/mankukapaktytysplittape.zip

What a young, fresh surprise these young „rollercoaster punks“ were!If you have any chance, go see them live:

03.10.13 Berlin – Tiefgrund /with Torpedo Holiday

04.10.13 Halle – Reil78 /with Torpedo Holiday

05.10.13 Dresden – tba /with Torpedo Holiday

06.10.13 Wien (AT) – Venster99 /with Torpedo Holiday, New Shit has come to light

07.10.13 Graz (AT) – Sub /with Torpedo Holiday

 08.10.13 Tübingen – Epplehaus /With Torpedo Holiday, Afterlife Kids, Henry Fonda

 09.10.13 Karlsruhe – tba /with Torpedo Holiday

 10.10.13 Wir suchen noch irgendwo im Südwesten/Westen! hauke@donthush.com

 11.10.13 Maastricht (NL) – OHP9 /with Torpedo Holiday

 12.10.13 Wunstorf – Wohnwelt /with Torpedo Holiday

Stuttgart, Rastatt X can you help em out for 10th of October?

HOLY (ita) | tumblr http://holyvegan.tumblr.com | https://www.facebook.com/holyvegan |

Long awaited and I cherished them amazed. What an energy, what a set!

03/08/13-Karlsruhe (Germany) / New Noise Fest 8

04/08/13-Stuttgart (Germany) W/ Agatha, Eat You Alive

18/08/13-Darmstadt (Germany) W/ Loma Prieta, Anteater

946643_342634652535938_1580246534_n 970282_342634785869258_1116733320_n


CODE ORANGE KIDS (usa) | http://codeorangekids.bandcamp.com | https://www.facebook.com/codeorangekids

I have seen them before and every time was a blast. The group played the main stage and I was so impressed by the power and energy. The two vocals work so well together and if you have not heard them yet, you shoud definitely check them out. The only song I did not like was when she sang instead of screaming the vocals.

            Aug 02
Bristol, UK

            Aug 04
Jugendzentrum Riot Lichtenstein
Sachsen, Germany

            Aug 04
O2 Academy Brixton
London, UK

            Aug 08
Cologne, Germany

            Aug 09
Ieper Fest
Ieper, Belgium

            Aug 11
The Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA

            Oct 31
Gainesville, FL

            Nov 08
Auditorium Shores
Austin, TX

 | http://houndsofhate.bandcamp.com

Being dragged to the show due to many excited friends, I liked the atmosphere oft he set a lot. Talking tot he guys at the merch table was such fun, they will appear in the third issue of our zine!

Go see them with the great VIOLENT REACTION:

Fr. 02.08.2013 Copenhagen – Ungdomshuset Birthday Party (@Dödsmaskinen )

Sa. 03.08.2013 Bremen – G 18

So. 04.08.2013 Münster


HARM’S WAY (usa)
 | https://de-de.facebook.com/harmsxway

There has been going on much talking shit about this band, apparently for reasons of merch designs and lyrics. Internet activists even created a fanpage against Harm’s Way playing Fluff Fest.

We have been asked for our opinion before and this is the place where we publicly state that we are not able to see Harm’s Way in the same light that people have been shedding on them. To us, they make solid hardcore, great for working out and they ripped off a Type-O-Negative shirt. The way the band presents itself in comments, videos, interviews, we cannot say in our eyes that it is justified to claim they’re sexist. Some will agree, some won’t.

Nevertheless, it was a great set, powerful, no speaking in between songs, tends to get a little bit boring towards the end, but the mosh kids loved it and I got some amazing pictures out of hat show.

 | https://twitter.com/twtchngtongues | https://www.facebook.com/twitchingtongues

The tent stage shook with the power oft hat set and all the pictures are living proof: I find them less monotone live than on record and I was really impressed. Solid effort!



 | https://www.facebook.com/brutalitywillprevail | http://www.brutalitywillprevail.co.uk

Was a good show, but it was way too hot to stand in front…too bad.I sat under my umbrella in the back and mostly listened to the set. THE PATH is my absolute favorite. I like their heaviness, and although I agree with the merch-machine-criticism of their former singer Ajay, the band is still great to watch. I did not buy any merch though. ^^

 | http://wearedangers.wordpress.com/

My first time seeing them live!!!! FINALLY! Was a fast, great set! Still too hot form e to go see them up close, but I enjoyed looking at fluffy (!) tiny clouds in the blue sky while DANGERS played. Beautiful.

PAINTED WOLVES (swe) | http://paintedwolves.bandcamp.com | https://www.facebook.com/paintedwolves

Oh, how PAINTED WOLVES instantly caught me! The sound vibrated out of the tent towards my ears and grabbed me by the hand and dragged me into the tent! Instant love, that sound, that presence. Really really good!



 | http://thebandnottheplant.bandcamp.com | http://thebandnottheplant.blogspot.de

I MISSED THEM! Because of paddling around in the pool … what a shame. But you have to check them out, they are brutally beautiful/beautifully brutal, choose yours! 😉 they are planning on a Split with the talented FINISTERRE, which should be awesome.


XERXES (usa)
 | http://xerxesband.com | https://www.facebook.com/xerxesband

Seen them before in Karlsruhe and was blown away by their sound. I had to recover from the intense WOLF DOWN set so I was lying in the grass again, looking at the sky.


We feature an interview with the 3 charming guys in our current issue (https://xclusivx.wordpress.com/2013/06/15/birds-in-row-interview-teaser/) and it is always great to see them play. I prefer clubshows for their sound, so the atmosphere is contained and not fleeing into the sky. But still, it was a great set to watch.

 | http://hessian.bandcamp.com

Had heard of the name, not oft he sound, was a nice surprise.

 | http://www.facebook.com/theoathbreakerreigns

I knew it was going to be the precious farewell moment to see them live — and it was. Such radiance and atmosphere, the music just as intense as on record. Stunning!

Of course I missed a band here or there, I would have loved to see AS WE WERE or RAINMAKER, but tob e honest, the heat was so fierce that we sometimes stayed in the public swimming pool for hours just to fight it off. The people in the town were nice and friendly and so patient as always, so we could not ask for more. Maybe for less waiting in line at the pool, but that is ok. The moment you dive into the cold water, everything is forgotten.



The post-fluff depression struck me hard this year and I am counting days until the next one. I am thankful that I am as priviledged to go over there and celebrate my kind of music together with friends. We forgot to take a crew shot. But that does not matter … we will be there again next year.


Kat // photos follow in a separate blogpost once all are done!